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Drawing on inspiration from traditional Welsh vernacular furniture, our three-legged milking stool has been constructed in a light ash wood to create a stunning contemporary finish that would fit into any home.

This taller stool has larger dimensions than our smaller milking stool, and is the ideal high to use with a dressing table, desk or for extra seating.

It features a seat upholstered in our 'Niwl' (Mist) lambswool fabric - a light grey in our Llandeilo pattern.

  • Made next door to our studio in Tenby, Sergeant's Lane, by master furniture maker Alex Macdonald
  • Upholstered in our exclusive light grey Llandeilo lambswool fabric
  • Made using time honoured joinery methods in a contemporary style
  • Three angled legs create a good balance 
  • Professionally finished with plant-based, solvent free oil that reveals the beautiful grain pattern in the wood
  • Perfect for use as an occasional stool by the fireside, as extra seating, or as a footrest
  • Dimensions: Height = 46cm; Diameter of seat = 32cm.
  • Delivery: This item is made to order - please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

The inspiration:  Milking stools are a traditional part of Welsh vernacular furniture. Originally used to milk cows in the field or in the cowshed - three legs were common as they are more stable on uneven ground. It was important they were light and small for easy carrying. Later, these little stools could be found in most Welsh cottages in front of the fire, for a cosy place to sit and warm up. 

About the maker: Alex Macdonald works from the heart of Tenby to create his collection of domestic furniture. He has been designing and making furniture since 1993 and mainly uses wood moulding techniques. Through the design process Macdonald tries to understand and exploit the natural qualities of the materials he works with. His designs often have a light visual appearance and are made of non-exotic woods such as maple, beech, laminate or plywood. His furniture is made with ease of manufacture in mind. Alex's work has been exhibited in Japan, Paris, Italy and London.

£3.95 Standard delivery - express delivery and international shipping available
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