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Justine of West Wales Willows grows her own willow in West Wales. She hand weaves this beautiful baskets using a mixture of dark and light willows, to create a stunning piece.

  • The willow is first stripped and soaked, and the horizontals then woven around the upright stakes and tapped down with a rapping iron
  • This tall basket uses a stunning mix of pale and dark willows, finished with a wood handle
  • A great size for a variety of uses, including carrying fruit, flower cuttings, kindling and shopping. Can also be for display, to add texture to a room or for displaying dried stems
  • Basket making is one of the oldest crafts in the world, and a centuries old tradition in Wales, where the climate is optimal for willow growing
  • Willow trees ("withies") have for a long time been part of the local flora, as is mirrored in local place names like "Withybush".
  • Dimensions:  Height 30cm, Diameter at base 22cm
  • Delivery:  This item is made to order - please allow three weeks for delivery

About the maker: Established in 2000, West Wales Willows is run by Justine and Alan Burgess. They grow their own willow on their small holding in Carmarthenshire, from which they weave their beautiful baskets, garden accessories and heritage items. They also offer willow weaving workshops. The climate in West Wales is ideal for willow plants - enough moisture all year round, intermingled with periods of glorious sunshine and blue sky, giving the willows what they need to grow into lovely strong rods. In 2019, they were awarded National Plant Collection status for Salix/Willow by Plant Heritage. They are a member of the Heritage Crafts Association and the Basketmakers’ Association. 

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£3.95 Standard delivery - express delivery and international shipping available