'Rhodri' Four Legged Oak Stool - 'Fforest' Welsh Tapestry Pad
'Rhodri' Four Legged Oak Stool - 'Fforest' Welsh Tapestry Pad 'Rhodri' Four Legged Oak Stool - 'Fforest' Welsh Tapestry Pad 'Rhodri' Four Legged Oak Stool - 'Fforest' Welsh Tapestry Pad
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Drawing on inspiration from traditional Welsh vernacular furniture, our beautifully constructed Welsh oak four-legged stool 'Rhodri' is perfect for use as an occasional seat or as a small side table.

  • 'Rhodri' is an ancient Welsh name that also has links to roundness or wheels - reflecting the circular top of this little stool perfectly. 
  • Our stools are crafted using time honoured joinery methods in a contemporary style.
  • Four angled legs crafted with mortice and tenon construction. A laburnum wood wedge forms a strong yet decorative joint.
  • The timber top is finished with softly rounded edges that are pleasing to touch.
  • Made from locally sourced sustainable Welsh oak and laburnum wood. For each order, will be able to provide you with information about the particular tree that was used to make your stool. All our timber comes from trees that have to be felled for reasons such as wind damage, or to make space for power cables. 
  • Professionally finished in house with water-based, solvent free lacquer that reveals the beautiful grain pattern in the wood. 
  • This stool comes with an upholstered seat in our 'Fforest' Welsh tapestry fabric  woven in Carmarthenshire. This seat pad can be removed and is attached to the top of the stool by a Velcro strap. 
  • Part of our 'Wood and Weave' collaboration with Daniel Harrison Furniture - we use complimentary Welsh wool tapestry and local timber to create beautifully balanced furniture.
  • A smaller three legged stool 'Llinos' is also available in the collection.
  • Dimensions:  Height is 44cm without pad, 47cm with pad.  Diameter of seat = 30cm.
  • Delivery: Please allow four days for delivery.

The inspiration:  This design has evolved from the smaller three-legged milking stool, incorporating a fourth leg that allows for greater height in relation to its proportions. The same time honoured joinery techniques are used as in the three-legged ‘Llino’s’ design. These useful stools are a great addition to the modern home; from occasional sitting at the dressing table, as a small side table, or even to provide extra places at a party.

About the maker: This stool has been designed in collaboration with Welsh Otter by Daniel Harrison Furniture.  Daniel Harrison is an award winning furniture designer maker, creating pieces from his studio near the coal-mining town of Ammanford in South Wales. Daniel uses traditional hand tools alongside modern digital machinery, essential for the contemporary furniture he makes. His deep respect for wood ensures that it’s natural beauty is celebrated and lives on in a new form for future generations. “I hope my furniture brings a sense of joy and meaning to others; I strive to do justice to the tree from where the wood came."

About the 'Wood and Weave' collection: Locally sourced Welsh wool fabrics and woodland timbers combine to create beautifully balanced furniture, taking inspiration from traditional Welsh vernacular design whilst adding a contemporary feel.

Our ethos:

  • To work with natural, local and traditional materials
  • To reveal the stunning beauty of both the wood and the weave, in combination
  • Beautiful, thoughtful design – fit for modern living
  • To create a collection of exquisite craftmanship, whilst also being accessible and affordable

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£3.95 Standard delivery - express delivery and international shipping available