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Available to order with 3 working day delivery in the UK.

100% pure Welsh wool produced near Narberth in Pembrokeshire from pedigree Poll Dorset sheep.

  • A ball of 50g knitting wool from Pembrokeshire
  • Undyed - a natural cream colour
  • Naturally biodegradable 
  • Perfect for knitting!
  • Delivery:  Delivers in three working days
  • Care:  Like all wool, please hand wash at a cold temperature to prevent shrinkage

About Pembrokeshire Wool:

  • Pembrokeshire knitting wool has gone through quite a complicated process to reach your needles! It has taken almost a year to grow on the back of a sheep or lamb and has provided protection from the winter cold, wind, and rain in the fields near Narberth in Pembrokeshire.
  • When the fleece becomes thick and heavy in late May or early June and the sheep no longer need it, it is shorn carefully from the sheep, rolled, and placed in the large woolsacks.
  • At the mill – which is about thirty miles from the farm – it is scoured, washed, carded, and spun.
  • There are no native downland sheep breeds in Wales, so those on the borders – the Poll Dorsets and the Ryelands – were always chosen if a higher quality of wool was required.
  • Pembrokeshire wool is smooth, springy, and easy to knit with. It is not necessarily the softest wool, but British sheep breeds are not renowned for softness of fleece. Continental merino, alpaca, or other fibres are usually added if softness, for baby clothes, for example, is required.
  • Pembrokeshire Wool will last almost forever and will be a practical, beautiful reminder of the Welsh countryside from which it has come.

Wool is a marvellous natural product. Not only does it make warm, stylish clothing, but is ideal for hard-wearing, comfortable home furnishings, toys, blankets, and carpets. It can last for centuries if taken care of and is almost impossible to burn.

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