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This gift box set contains Ten Poems about Love Booklet (English language), and a unique hand-carved lovespoon made by master carver Sion Llewellyn.

Perfect to send as a thoughtful, unique gift or as a wedding or engagement present.

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Each box contains:

One hand-carved Lovespoon:

  • Made by master maker Sion Llewellyn in South Wales from locally sourced wood
  • Each spoon is unique - featuring a slightly different design round the theme of hearts, symbolising love, affection, and love returned
  • Care is taken to ensure the precise intricate carving and polishing is of the highest standard
  • Each spoon has a wonderfully smooth, tactile feel
  • Approximately 13cm long
  • A beautiful piece of Welsh heritage evolved from a centuries-old tradition
  • Comes with a certificate 

A Ten Poems about Love Booklet (Published by Candlestick Press): This mini-anthology calls at every stop on love’s roller-coaster journey – from the first dizzy declarations of passion, to the clear-eyed devotion of a couple in old age. Along the way there’s also humour and warmth in the form of a battered straw hat that has come to symbolise what it means to be together for the long haul. These are poems that capture all the light and shade of love; poems to make you think and feel. The selection is edited and introduced by Lorraine Mariner, a poet and librarian who works at the National Poetry Library in London.

About Sion Llewellyn: Sion made his first love spoon in when he was twelve and gave it to his mother. Since then - he hasn't stopped; turning a hobby into a full time job ten years ago. He now works from Bridgend, South Wales, to produce his fantastic collection of spoons. His work is sent around the world and is also exhibited at The Museum of Welsh Life in Fagan's, Cardiff.

The history of love spoons:

The custom of making and giving of lovespoons originated in Wales as early as the Seventeenth Century. 

The lovespoon developed from a kitchen utensil known as a 'Cawl' spoon. This was a ladle type spoon with a long curved handle and a deep oval shaped bowl, usually made from sycamore wood. The main function of the spoon was to serve the 'Cawl' a type of broth or soup which would have been the main diet of the peasant folk of those times.

Early lovespoons showed little decoration except maybe for a simple heart to the handle. As time went on, the handle lost all of its resemblance to that of its culinary predecessor. The spoon now became a love token with much more elaborate carvings depicted including designs such as twisted stem, balls inside a cage, links and plenty of decorative fret work and chip carving.

The making and giving of lovespoons in those days was very much akin to how engagement rings are given today. The men folk would while away the long winter evenings whittling away at a Lovespoon with the girl of his fancy in mind. The presenting and acceptance of the Lovespoon was then taken as a betrothal of marriage. The intricacy of the carving showing the donors personality, dexterity and Love for the receiver. In addition demonstrating his skills that could be employed within the future marriage. It must be said that not all of the men folk had the necessary skills or patience to make such an elaborate gift and so would employ the services of a local craftsman, maybe a wheelwright, furniture maker or carpenter. They would then translate his feelings and express his love onto a Lovespoon to give to his chosen one.

Today Lovespoons are given for many different occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays or just as a memento of a pleasant stay in Wales.

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