'Glesni' Handmade Lampshade
'Glesni' Handmade Lampshade 'Glesni' Handmade Lampshade 'Glesni' Handmade Lampshade

Our beautiful 'Glesni' lampshade is handmade in South Wales, incorporating a striking hand drawn illustration inspired by the sea.

  • The artwork is inspired by the coastline of Wales - capturing the beauty of underwater plants and seaweeds
  • 'Glesni' means blueness, or freshness, which is captured beautifully in the colours and design of this shade
  • Can be hung as a pendant or used with a table lamp
  • A beautiful shade of grey with white illustration, creating a soft, warm glow
  • Available in two sizes: Small (diameter 30cm), and Large (diameter 40cm)

About the maker:  After graduating from St Martin's College in London, Sara settled in South Wales where she is influenced by the beautiful natural surroundings of sea, coastline and botanicals. Her hand drawn illustrations are inspired by the nature and life of the Welsh coastline including wave washed rocks, underwater seaweed forests, and beautiful underwater worlds.

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